Illustration - Squanga the fish going back into the lake after eating all the peanut butter

Origin of Squanga

Let me tell you a story of when I was but just a child…

It’s summertime and schools out; my parents took my siblings and me to a campground, Squanga Lake. On our first night, we grilled s’mores from marshmallows, biscuits, chocolate, and peanut butter. We shared stories of what happened the previous year and settled around the campfire until the flames burnt out.

The following day, I was the first one awake; something was amidst. I didn’t know what, but something had changed. It’s only when I was making myself toasts that I realized the peanut butter jar was gone. The chocolate, marshmallows, and biscuits from last night were still on the picnic table where we left them.

By the time everyone got up, I had forgotten about it. Until my younger brother found remnants of peanut butter. He called my Dad, who came to his side — a trail of peanut butter led away from our campsite. My family followed the trail for about half a mile up to the lake. At last, there it was by the shoreline the peanut butter jar, empty — licked clean. 

My sister got closer to investigate; there were no animal tracks in the area. We were all amidst by the mysterious peanut butter thief. That is when my sister found something left inside the jar by the thief — a giant fish scale.

To this day, we remember it as Squanga the fish who steals peanut butter.

Squanga games logo

A Little Bit Of Us…

Samuel Vachon – Game Designer

Always up to talk about board games – don’t be afraid to reach out to him! He used to create paper maquettes that filled his parents’ basement. Sam began designing board games after discovering the endless possibilities which they offer. DreamWeavers is hopefully the first of many to come.

Samuel Vachon - Game Designer for DreamWeaver and co-founder of Squanga Games.
Alana Fleming- Grapjic Designer and Artist for DreamWeavers and co-founder of Squanga Games.

Alana Fleming – Graphics & Artist

She has been in the loop of design for many years, with degrees in animation and graphic design. She compares her art style to Asian anime and western cartoons. Alana’s hobby of board games started as a child when her father introduced Oilman to her. See her work at

Ivan Alexiev – Marketing

Ivan is an active member of the board game community as a player, designer, and host at He fell in love at first play with DreamWeavers and joined the team to help others do the same!